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New Spins: 12th April 2021

We're covering a lot of different ground on this week's New Spins, so there may be some new music that appeals to everyone here... Empty Throne - Glossolalia When blackened death metal is done well it can be so so soooo good, and Empty Throne are a stunning example of how to do this style to near perfection. Featuring members with a pretty solid and extensive roster in both death metal and black metal, Glossolalia is a relentless wrecking ball of intricately crafted riffs and vicious melodies. The performances are all phenomenal in a technical sense, but they also have enough of a human touch to prevent the sound from becoming too sterile. The band don't engage in any of the softer clean sections like many others in the style, instead putting their focus fully on the pummelling brutal tones. Each track seems to have it's own character too, and while there are course recognisable elements from genre legends like Behemoth, Angelcorpse, Akercocke and Cradle Of Filth, there

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