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New Spins: 5th July 2021

This is New Spins, my fortnightly review of three of the best new releases I've been listening to recently from across all genres and styles. Gaffa Ghandi - Artificial Disgust // Exile On Mainstream We have a weird adage in the UK that Germans don't have a sense of humour, and while there may be a level of seriousness to their cultural personality, that isn't mutually exclusive with comedy. Such is proven by Gaffa Ghandi, a heavy instrumental prog four piece based out of Berlin and Dresden. As you can probably tell by that cover image, and song titles like Symphony Of Swag, their seriousness doesn't stretch too far beyond the music. You can clearly hear the influence of Mastodon, but also of Neurosis, The Sword, Pallbearer, Elder and many other progressive bands whose basis lies in doom and sludge metal. Gaffa Ghandi manage to fill the vocal void with enough instrumentation and melody to prevent these tracks feeling incomplete, something which not all instrumental bands

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